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At the beginning of 2010, we didn't think to filming weddings. We filmed everything but not weddings. Until one day, our friends asked us if we would make a movie from the wedding for them. We said "No, but we can draw your memories". They agreed and we started a new chapter.

We accompany you that day from the very preparations to save the most precious memories for you: unique smiles, enthusiastic shouts and applause. Let us be with you on this special day.

We like work with people who want something different with whom we can make friendship and we can tell an interesting story about them. We also like family atmosphere and warm weddings very much. For us, the most important are always real emotions, vibes and what is happening between people, that is you.


There are no restrictions or barriers, nothing is impossible. We go as far as our imagination allows. We work in Poland and in over the world. We want to be taken by you on a journey. We want you to show us your world and we will present it from the side that you don't know it yourself.


We understand each other very well, that's why our films are not accidental. Your wedding day is not the time for experiments and mistakes. We are aware of the great responsibility that we have, and each time we do everything to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. It is not skills, but the heart tells us the most beautiful frames.

You are different - gentle, romantic, strong, energetic, secretive, funny. You are all so beautiful and special. That is why we want to get to know you the best, find out what you like, how you spend your free time, what makes you laugh and what annoys you. The more you tell us, the better!



Highlights 2-4 min


A reportage film 25-35 minutes

All the RAW material that we will record on your wedding day


INSTA story - photos ready for publication on the Internet sent to you by e-mail or via messenger


Filming until 11:30 p. m.


Outdoor session on the wedding day - in the morning or during the wedding party


The evening beauty session on the previous day if your wishes will be there


Access to the place within Poland - the price outside the country is set individually


Investment: 2500 EURO



Many couples love our style, so in addition to film, we also take pictures for them.
It's a big challenge for us, but we love to do it! You don't realize how much pleasure it is to do two special things for you.

If you decide on such a solution, be sure to book a few extra hours on the day preceding the wedding for a session full of emotions, laughter and fun. Of course, the time we spend is included in the price.


In this option, you get film and photos in one style, corresponding and complementary. Just as emotionally saturated, building your memories together.


In addition to the materials contained in the CREATIVE FILM option, you will receive 400-600 photographs.

Investment: 3000 EURO


We can arrange an outdoor session in the style of the so-called "engagement session". During it, we will create for you a short film and photographic material, fragments of which may be in your future wedding film.

Investment: 500 EURO

Some couples decide to thank their parents. Some of them choose the film as a form of thanks. We can handle it too!

Investment: 500 EURO

Have you ever wondered what a wedding movie really is? Certainly not a record of events, but stopping the moment and emphasizing emotions. They are unique and exceptional on this day. Just like the climate prevailing from morning preparations to having fun to lose your breath. We don't record movies about dressing shoes, tying a tie or fastening a dress. We try to reflect the vibes of this day through your and your loved ones' emotions. We combine the picture with music and color correction to awake memories of this magical time. We talk about love that united you, about the feeling and joy that arouses the view of each other. Now, deciding to cooperate with us, think how to use time to record something with us the evening before the wedding. It's best if we are alone then. Only you and us. You will be able to laugh or keep silent and look deep into your eyes. Who knows what the imagination will say. Who knows what the moment will say.

If you are ready to choose one of the packages, please reply to this e-mail or write us a simple message at, and we will send you a request for the data needed to prepare the contract, which is very clear and simple.


If you have any questions or do not know which option to choose, be sure to meet on Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp to get to know each other and match the best solution for you!

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